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Olive has an instinct for knowing what people really need and in the short time since getting her real estate license has already brought people together, finding the perfect home and guiding both sides through all the steps. Her attitude is always to be of service and her passion is bringing people together so that everyone leaves the table happy. Prior to getting her license, she has helped many friends prep their homes for sale and has been working with the property management team of Sanzi Associates, Inc. for a number of years. Before joining her husband in his accounting practice in Kingston over 16 years ago, she also worked in PR in New York City. Her knowledge of real estate is varied; from being a landlord, to helping clients select flooring and fixtures for million-dollar homes. Her creative mind can find solutions with ease and her compassion will get you through the challenging days. When she is not working, you will find her in Argentina or Ireland visiting family with her husband. Olive also enjoys gardening, decorating, re-purposing old furniture, and embodying the principle of “Anam Cara” (soul friend) to many in her community. She considers Kingston home, in spite of her traveling feet, and is committed to helping turn houses into homes.
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